Bethlehem Baptist Church
By His Grace and For His Glory

About Us

Weekly Schedule 


Sunday School                                    9:15 am

Morning Worship                             10:30 am

Discipleship Training

   Preschool Bible Study                     5:00 pm

   1st-3rdGrade Bible Study

   4th-6thGrade Bible Study

   4th-6thGrade Bible Drill (Jan-Apr)

   Student Choir

   Adult Bible Study

   Student Bible Study                         5:20 pm

   Student Bible Drill (Jan-Apr)

   K-6thGrade Choir                           5:30 pm

Evening Worship                                6:15 pm



Awana (3 yr.-6thGrade)                    6:25 pm

Prayer Meeting                                  6:30 pm

Student Bible Study


As brothers and sisters in Christ and members of His church, we invite you to join us in worshiping and serving the Lord. We believe that every person who becomes a part of this fellowship was sent by God Himself. Above all else, we want to express Christ’s love to you with genuine, heartfelt warmth. We’re eager to know and excited to share with you the marvelous ways God is working in our church. Growing together we worship, we serve, we learn, we fellowship, and we reach out to people in our community and world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our doors and hearts are open to receive all whom the Lord will lead to Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Our Bible Study focuses on teaching the truth of God’s Word in classes from birth through Senior Citizens. In addition to our Pulpit Ministry, our primary program for Christian growth is disciple training with classes for all age groups.

The Adult Choir assists in Sunday Morning Worship. The Student and Children’s Choirs assist in worship throughout the year.

We have a commitment to missions involvement through mission projects and mission organizations. The WMU meets once a month. Brotherhood meets at different times throughout the year. Our Awana program is designed for 3 yr. olds through 6th Grade. We take an annual Mission Trip to LaNariz Mexico every summer. We support missionaries directly in 3 nations and on 2 continents as well as worldwide cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention Mission Boards.

We receive members through: public profession of personal faith in Jesus Christ followed by Biblical baptism; request for Letter of Membership from a Baptist Church of similar faith and practice; a person’s statement of previous scriptural conversion and baptism.


We at Bethlehem Baptist Church commit ourselves to:

Worship God in Spirit and Truth,

Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ unto a lost world,

Disciple the nations, and

Extend a hand in Biblical charity to the needy.